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A Smart Recruitment Platform for Staffing Firms

Cutting Edge Technology, User Friendly Features, Guaranteed Results

TalentRecruitSync is not just a recruitment software but a business enabler for any Recruitment Consulting Organization. A centralized platform that integrates & automates your entire recruitment processes, its benefits are many fold. Here are just a few:

Whether you are a boutique firm or a large MNC, its benefits are unparalleled:

  • Multiplying User efficiency
  • Enhancing Revenue
  • Optimizing Cost
  • Enhancing candidate experience
  • Tapping candidates from social networking sites
  • Boosting Employer Brand and more…

After all, in a scenario where there is an ongoing war for talent you can neither restrict yourself to a few recruiting sources nor afford to lose time. TalentRecruitSync knows this best & provides you an accessible recruitment software that keeps you up to speed. Here’s a sneak peak at its cutting edge features.

1 – Applicant Tracking System

a. Comprehensive ATS System

Manage the entire Recruitment Cycle seamlessly with TalentRecruitSync’s Robust Applicant Tracking Software

Efficiency & speed are two non-negotiable characteristics of a successful recruitment cycle in the modern day & age where there is an ongoing war for talent. TalentRecruitSync’s agile Applicant Tracking System offers both reliability & speed for today’s dynamic environment. It equips recruiters with end to end functionality right from requisition to sourcing.

Offering recruiters the ability to manage the entire recruitment cycle from a single interface, it adds to recruiter agility.

Comprehensive ATS System

TalentRecruitSync’s ATS offers the following advantages:
  • Comprehensive Module to enable candidate sourcing from multiple sources
  • Real time tracking of candidate’s progress
  • Record candidate history & recruiter comments as well as feedback
  • Managing Candidate’s documents like covering note, salary slip, offer letter, etc.
  • Revert to candidates immediately ensuring speed & efficiency at each step of the recruitment process

What is more, TalentRecruitSync enables you to provide access of your ATS to your clients. So your ATS System becomes an ATS system for your clients as well. This is a unique feature that enables client to view the details of the Jobs that they have commissioned and view as well as manage the requirement pipeline. It also enables Client to do following tasks:

  • See their Dashboard
  • See their entire information including their agreement with your organization and details of their HR Managers
  • Add / Modify the Jobs and their status
  • Define and process Candidate Evaluation Sheet
  • Manage end to end Requirement & Candidate Life Cycle

This is not just a great value addition for the client; it also saves tremendous time & energy at both ends.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

TalentRecruitSync’s robust architecture provides highly configurable option to choose the Solution Modules or System the way you want it to be introduced in to your organization.

Multi Country Module

Multi Country Module

TalentRecruitSync ensures that it provides options to choose various countries / currencies where your organization operates and help you building Candidate Database from various countries.

Secure Interface

Secure Interface

Partnering with TalentRecruitSync is akin to approaching your recruitment function with complete confidence & peace of mind. The system’s secure interface & high uptime ensure that you never have to worry about the availability of real time data, a great competitive advantage.



TalentRecruitSync’s highly scalable system means that it can run as efficiently in case of one man operations as it can with global companies with multi users spread across locations. Designed to offer you high Return on Investment, efficiency is a given with the system.

b. iNtelliParseEngine
The effective way of building large candidate databasesTalentRecruit helps you to build large database of candidates from various sources. Its IntelliParse system helps you import / parse large numbers of profiles from a folder in your local system & Outlook very efficiently.

TalentRecruit is also integrated with various job boards. iNtelliParse engine enables you to not only parse the profiles of candidates from Job Portals but also their relevant information into candidate fields with 100% accuracy.

This also helps your organization to build large pool of candidate database from where Recruiters can search the profiles they want for any given Job Requirement.


c. iNtelliSearch

An advanced search engine that helps reach specific candidates with precision

With iNntelliSearch, recruiters can reach the desired candidates with pin point precision saving both time & effort. The powerful search engine allows recruiters to filter candidates basis:

  • Advanced Search with Boolean Search Options
  • Categories
  • Jargon
  • Date
  • User feature
  • A number of advanced search criteria

iNtelliSearch’s powerful search options, empower recruiters to search relevant profiles fraction of a second by using appropriate keywords. What is more, it even provides an automatic search option (Recommended Search) basis the job description for a given requirement.

This also helps your organization to build large pool of candidate database from where Recruiters can search the profiles they want for any given Job Requirement.

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d. SocialRecruit
Leverage the power of the social media with TalentRecruitSync’s SocialRecruit ModuleIf there is one entity that has disrupted the market for job boards, recruiting adverts & more, it has to be the emergence of social media. With as many as 77 percent of all job openings being posted on LinkedIn and 48 percent of recruiters posting jobs solely on LinkedIn, as per a research, social media has truly come of age when it comes to recruitment. With TalentRecruitSync’s Social Recruit Module, you can:

  • Post your job openings on social media sites
  • Monitor job seeker activity
  • Leverage Social Media analytics to attract the best talent

The module also gives you the option of posting the jobs to your career site or on to your employee referral portal. Not only does it help spread word about the openings in your company, importantly it also enhances your employer brand.

The robust social media analytics provided help you to track & review each post & application that has been received from the SocialRecruit Platform.

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e. PortalRecruit
A Unified Search Option across Job Boards that makes finding the right candidate, a breeze. PortalRecruit is one of the most innovative features of TalentRecruit. It provides a ‘Unified Search’ option wherein recruiters can find candidates on various Job Portals from a single search made in Talentrecruit. This is of tremendous value for recruiters as it saves the time & tedium of running individual searches on various job portals. This feature also allows recruiter to :

  • Save the time required for Searches made on individual Job Portals
  • Help  identify duplicate profiles already existing in your database
  • Post the Jobs directly from TalentRecruit Application to the Job Portals
  • Get complete analytics pertaining to candidates hired from Job Portals

The module also gives you the option of posting the jobs to your career site. Not only does it help spread word about the openings in your company, importantly it also enhances your employer brand.

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f. Comprehensive Multi-level Evaluation process for candidates
A foolproof method to screen & select the right candidates.Recruiters spend a lot of time interviewing unfit candidates, who are a clear drain on their time & resources. TalentRecruitSync allows the recruiter to evaluate the candidate thoroughly & hence filters candidates who are apt for the position. You have the provision to custom build your evaluation sheets by:

  • Candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Vendors
  • Client SPOC
Comprehensive Multi-level Evaluation process for candidates

Once the evaluation criterion is filled, the system also provides for comprehensive reports both for individual candidates & also by comparison.

Comprehensive Multi-level Evaluation process for candidates

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g. Communication Central

Facilitation & Institutionalization of communication was never so easy

Facilitating communication & Institutionalizing it so that it is unaffected by factors such as attrition, have gone into the development of the Communication Central Module.

The Chat facility provided in the module makes communicating with an intra departmental team or a cross functional one absolutely seamless while our RecruiTALK feature enables you to broadcast important communication and messages to all users.

The Discussion Forum one of the key modules integrated with TalentRecruit, enables you to form groups as well as create various topics under a group for discussions pertaining to clients, leads, requirements, vendors, etc.

Communication Central

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h. Forecasting & Business Analytics

Make informed business decisions with TalentRecruitSync’s comprehensive Business Intelligence Module

While you generate reams of data as a part of your day to day recruiting function, the power of this data lies in its effective analysis. TalentRecruitSync’s powerful Business Intelligence Modules take the guesswork out of effective decision making by allowing you to:

  • Understand & analyze key business metrics
  • Process Real Time data
  • Study summaries & trends in user friendly formats
  • Gain advantage from a robust forecasting module
  • Leverage the power of data towards enhancing your business

A robust forecasting module enables you to leverage the power of raw data to study:

  • Revenue trends
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Recruiter Performance
  • Performance as per job levels & more

Forecasting& Business Analytics

i. Candidate Portal & Employer Branding
A Bespoke Web presence that engages candidates & provides valuable Employer BrandingCandidate Portal provides a bespoke web presence for your company’s open positions. Candidates can visit your career page, participate in Polls / Surveys, Search & apply for any Jobs, submit documents, receive offer as well as view current status of their application. The portal allows you to customize the look & feel for it to complement your existing website. You can change / update content or pictures any time you want. Attractive & effective website templates ensure that your website looks contemporary & remains topical. A big competitive advantage is also the ability to engage candidates in the company & its offerings as against just informing them about it. Dynamic Poll Management system ensures that the candidates not only spend time on your site but are also involved with it. When managed effectively, Polls can also be a great way of seeking valuable opinions & feedback on a number of issues.The Candidate Portal not just provides the candidate with user friendly features, but also provides the organization a great opportunity for employer branding. The brand recall prompted by the portal within its core target audience goes a long way in establishing the organization as an employer of preference.

Candidate Portal& Employer Branding

j. Integrated Email Management
Go through your emails not just faster but also more efficiently with TalentRecruitSync’s integrated email management module and Seamless Integration with MS OutlookWith the number of emails hitting one’s mailbox increasing exponentially, the risk of missing an email & hence a valuable resource also goes up. TalentRecruitSync’s Email module is integrated with Microsoft Outlook & allows you to go through your mails faster & more efficiently. With emails integrated with the software you can:

  • Keep a track on all activity
  • Parse resumes from the emails
  • Be fully updated with all client information while on your mailbox
  • Attach files, add notes & more
  • See the candidate information for email senders

Tight integration with TalentRecruitSync’s system means you do not have to shift between applications leading to improved efficiency on account of saving of time & improved focus. Real time data got a whole new meaning with TalentRecruitSync as it integrates seamlessly with your emails & ensures information is kept up to date. The end-to-end Email Management Platform also allows for managing both inbound & outbound mails with features such as auto tagging the candidate, client or the vendor.

In addition, the system also provides for dynamic email templates that go a long way in driving candidate engagement.

Integrated Email Management

2 – Client Relationship Management

a. Lead Management Client Acquisition process made seamless

With TalentRecruitSync’s best-in-class CRM, manage your recruiting relationships effectively

TalentRecruitSync comes with a comprehensive Lead Management module tailor-made for the requirements of consulting firms. This inbuilt CRM module has all the general features of any CRM software and much more.

This module enables you to manage your leads smartly till they convert into clients. The module provides for institutionalizing of information such as maintaining the documents / proposals shared with a lead; email communications; internal comments made by the team in respect of lead etc. Once the lead is converted into a client, the entire information pertaining to the lead is seamlessly imported into the Client Module.

The Lead Module provides for effective management of the client acquisition process. An integrated CRM, it helps you win more clients; leads to higher business besides providing valuable reports & analytics pertaining to the leads.

Client Relationship Management


b. Client Management

Managing Recruiting Relationships, made easy.

A Robust Client Management System helps you manage client relationships effectivelyManaging client relationships is an integral feature of doing business today. With TalentrecruitSync’s effective CRM Module you can manage recruiting relationships seamlessly. With client information at their fingertips, your sales team is empowered to successfully close sales contracts while ensuring customer delight.With TalentRecruitSync’s CRM Module you can:

  • Create client contacts & record activity
  • Keep a track on all client communication
  • Keep track of conversion rates
  • Define Consulting Fee with Client that has seamless integration with TalentRecruitSync’s Billing Module to auto generate Invoices from the system
  • Create a multi level candidate evaluation sheet for the client and more

With TalentRecruitSync’s robust CRM system not only are you looking at better data quality but also a single platform that saves time & leads to increased efficiency.

A truly scalable option, it enables you to add or subtract users as per your requirement. With TalentRecruitSync’s optimally priced products, improved ROI is a given.

Client Management - Managing Recruiting Relationships

c. Client ATS System
Value added features that your clients simply cannot resist TalentRecruitSync provides a unique featurethat enables you to provide access of your TalentRecruit application to your clients. You can create a username and password for each Client SPOC to enable themto access your system through your career portal. Your TalentRecruit then becomes the ATS system for each of your Client. Not only does it enhance your organization brand multifold it also provides a huge competitive edge.With easy user rights management, you can provide your clients the following rights:

  • Client Module wherein they can view the agreed terms & conditions and details of their HR managers
  • Candidate Evaluation sheet for each job requirement
  • Access to candidates that are shared with them
  • Addition of new Job Requirement & changing status of any requirement
  • Changing candidate status & engagement
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Provide their valued comments in respect of shared requirements& candidates

Client ATS System

3 – Sub-Vendor Module

Automate your recruiting process through Vendors / Sub-contractor

Many a times, a staffing firm in order to cater to client’s mandate empanels a few freelancers / sub-vendor or sub-contractors to work on their behalf for their clients. We, at TalentRecruit, understand this critical process and have thus provided a detailed moduleto empanel various freelancers / sub-vendors in the system. The system also allows you to define Profile Ownership rules that ensures that no duplicate profile of the candidate is referred by sub-vendor hence saving your efforts and cost.

Talent Recruit’sseamless platform ensures that sub-vendorsare kept updated about their job assignments and can log on to the vendor portal and input the details of the right candidate for the organization. The sub-vendor gets an alert of any new posting & enters candidate details through his log in. The vendor can also see his dashboard to view the progress of candidates provided.

The organization can in turn see:

  • All sub-vendor information at one place.
  • Contractssigned with the vendors.
  • Reports to identify which vendor is delivering the right candidate in the least possible time.

Sub-Vendor Module

4 – Temp Staffing Module- Facilitating all aspects of Recruitment

Temp Staffing made seamless

With an aim to provide an end-to-end platform to cater to all aspects of recruitment, TalentRecruitSync offers a comprehensive module for temp staffing including aspects such as Contract Employee Portal; Contract Employee Information System; Time & Expense Sheet & their approval process; Billing & Invoicing; Payroll, etc.

a. Automated Offer Management
A time lag in the selection of candidate & making the final offer can often cost you a great candidate. With TalentRecruitSync’s comprehensive offer management system, you never face this issue. Offer Management is one of the key features of Temp Staffing Module wherein you can generate offer that are based on offered Rates (Per Hour / Per Day / Per Diem) or offered Salary.Great flexibility is provided in the system to ensure that you can cater to any of your clients operating anywhere in the world. While making an offer to a candidate for temp staffing requirement, you have following options:

  • Options for Rate based on Per Hour, Per Day or Per Diem : This is largely used when you cater to US / Europe based Clients
  • Option for Salary Per Month : This is largely used when you cater to Indian / Middle East Based Clients

The system allows you to:

  • Create a new offer to the candidate
  • Follow a  well defined offer approval process
  • Make an offer comparison
  • Automatic routing of Offer for approval based on hierarchy in your Organization
  • Online Acceptance / Rejection of offer by Candidate
  • Candidate Re-offer process
  • Maintain offer logs & more.
  • Mention PO Value to understand the Mark up / Margins you get on a Contract Employee

Automated Offer Management

b. Contract Employees Information System
The system captures complete information of a candidate who has joined as a Contract Employee thorough the Employee Joining Form that contains entire details like Personal, previous employers, technical & functional, etc. All documents submitted by the employee are tagged in the system in Employee Document Tab. The comments / logs / offers made in respect of an Employee remained tagged in the system for future references.
c. Contract Employee Portal
TalentRecruit provides an integrated candidate portal which also works as Employee portal for those who have joined your organization. Employee can fill his / her time sheet along with Expenses (Billable / Non-billable) for approval to Client Manager and/or HR Manager. Employee can also track approval of his time & expense sheet and can also track his salary pay out including Salary Slip.

d. Contract Employee Management
To ensure seamless contract employee management, the System flashes candidates matching an open requirement. It also allows recruiters to view candidates who are on Bench with their details.The Temp Staffing Module allows you to segregate candidates based on following options:

  • Joined
  • On Contract
  • On Bench
  • Relieved

The system also provides notifications & alerts that are configurable with respect to the following:

  • Candidates Hired but are not placed
  • Candidate that are going to be on bench soon
  • Candidates that are on Bench

5 – Time & Expense Module- Speed & Efficiency are now a given.

Automated Time & Expense Sheets ensure seamlessness of process

The system provides a comprehensive Time & Expense sheet for the candidates that are hired and / or placed with your clients as Contract Employees.

TalentRecruitSync provides an integration with its Contract Employee Portal wherein Contract Employees can fill their Time Sheet in respect of a Period (Weekly / Monthly) along with their Expenses for Reimbursement which can in turn be sent for approval to HR SPOC of the Client if they are placed at Client Site or to HR Manager of your Company if they are on Bench. There is also an option for your HR Manager to fill a time sheet in respect of a Contract Employee.

The system also sends alerts to users about the following:

  • Contract Employees who have filled their Time Sheet and Sent for Approval to HR SPOC/ Reporting Manager / HR Manager.
  • Contract Employees who are yet to fill their Time Sheet
  • Contract Employees, whose Time Sheet has been approved by HR SPOC/ Reporting Manager / HR Manager so that their Salary / Billing can be processed further
  • Contract Employees whose Times Sheet has been rejected / sent for reconsideration. In this case further process of approval will follow till the Time Sheet is accepted by the HR SPOC/ Reporting Manager / HR Manager

Contract Employee can also view status of his Time Sheet / Salary Payment  / Salary Slip using his login credential through your career page.

Time & Expense Module

6 – Billing & Invoicing

Accounting made seamless with TalentRecruitSync’s Financial Module

With our robust financial module you can make error free billings with the least time & effort. Not just invoicing, the system automates the entire process right up to account receivables:

  • Seamless invoicing
  • Keeping a record of each transaction
  • Mapping paid/unpaid bills

You can choose to set the frequency of invoicing as per client requirements.In addition, the billing Module provides you various Reports that help you not only  manage your billing smartly but also to track performance of each recruiter, client, business vertical, etc.

With TalentRecruit’s Billing & Invoicing module you cut on your account receivables period considerably, as you:

  • Customize billing as per client requirements
  • Ensure that billing is error free
  • Ensure speedy billing with an automated billing process

Billing &Invoicing – A robust financial module that allows for error free accounting

7 – Team Targets, Incentives & Rewards

Team Targets & Incentives- System driven processes that leave no place for Guesswork.

Keep a close tab on targets & achievements with TalentRecruitSync’s robust options
In addition to account receivables for the company, the system also maps the account receivables for users in terms of incentives. There is no need now to track individual targets & incentives payable, manually. With TalentRecruit system, you can:

  • Map targets as per users
  • Maintain& track Team targets
  • Display Targets versus achievements
  • Auto calculate incentives payable

With a transparent system in place, it goes a long way in employee motivation as they do not need to worry about whether their incentives are being calculated correctly & will be disbursed in time. With the employees & management on the same page with regard to their receivables, motivation & productivity takes a giant leap

Team Targets, Incentives & Rewards