TalentRecruitCampus – Recruiting Software – Applicant Tracking System

TalentRecruitCampus- A Specialized Campus Recruitment Platform for Educational Institutions

TalentRecruitCampus is a specialized Campus Placement Platform for Educational institutions that automates the entire process of inviting corporates for campus placement. The hiring managers of visiting companies are able to view profiles of students and shortlist them.  It also enables students to apply for jobs online by visiting the corporate and tracking their placement process right from their application to Group Discussions & Interviews. The system provides for HR Manager of visiting companies to directly roll out offers. In addition, TalentRecruitCampus enables Institutions to enhance their Institutional Branding and in turn attract large numbers of corporate to visit their campus.

1 – Robust Centralised Database of Students

The system enables creation & maintenance of data base of all students categorized under the various programs offered. It also provides for students to update their own profiles in the central data base. A robust user rights management system also provides for offering access of the data base to visiting corporates enabling them to shortlist relevant profiles.

Robust Centralised Database of  Students

2 – iNntelliSearchTalentRecruitCampus’ powerful search engine that empowers recruiters.

With iNntelliSearch, recruiters can reach the desired students with pin point precision saving both time & effort. The powerful search engine allows recruiters to filter student basis:

  • Advanced Search with Boolean Search Options
  • Categories
  • Program / Course Based Search

iNtelliSearch’s powerful search options, empower recruiters to search for relevant students’ profiles in a fraction of a second by using appropriate keywords and threshold of marks obtained by the students in various programs.

3 – Streamlining your Campus Placement Process was never simpler

TalentRecruitCampus is a state-of-the-art system that enables you to automate and integrate your entire campus (On Campus / Off Campus) placement process. It enables you to define various roles and rights of users like Placement Co-ordinator, Coordinator, Students, etc. Based on the rights provided within the system, the users can operate the system and manage it.

4 – Effective Institutional Branding

Effective branding of the Institute is an imperative to enable a) more admissions b) more corporates to visit the institute & offer better packages. To this end, TalentRecruitCampus enables you to

  • build your Campus Portal;
  • provide access to your Campus Portal to the Visiting Companies
  • promote healthy environment for campus recruitment for visiting companies & students
  • offer branding of visiting companies through your Campus Protal

5 – Individual Campus Portal for each Visiting Company

A key module of TalentRecruitCampus, this enables the institute to provide login credentials to HR SPOC of each visiting company. This online Campus Portal helps HR SPOC to identify the right student by accessing the student profile from the desired programs / courses. This also enables them to advertise their campus recruitment requirements on your Campus Portal, wherein the aspiring students from the desired Programs / Course meeting the desired requirement can easily apply for the job.

Individual Campus Portal

6 – Prescreening & Evaluation Process

Screening the Right Student was never easier. With TalentRecruitCampus recruiters can evaluate students thoroughly & hence filters students who are apt for the position. The system enables you to custom build your evaluation sheets by:

  • Student
  • Placement Coordinator
  • HR Managers
  • Hiring Managers
  • Interview Panel list

Additionally, the system allows you to configure and define the Question types that suit your organizational requirements. The evaluation criteria can be based on configurable attributes such as:

  • Technical
  • Behavioral
  • Personal
  • Leadership

Once the evaluation criterion is filled, the system also provides for comprehensive reports both for individual students & also by comparison.

7 – Comprehensive Offer Management System enabling you to create, compare & approve offers in a matter of minutes.

Reviewing & Making offers was never so easy. With TalentRecruitCampus’s comprehensive offer management system, you can:

  • Create a new offer to the Student
  • Make an offer comparison
  • Follow a  well defined offer approval process
  • Maintain offer logs & more.

8 – Robust applicant tracking system

Now you can manage the entire Campus Recruitment Cycle seamlessly with TalentRecruitCampus’s Robust Applicant Tracking Software TalentRecruitCampus’s agile Applicant Tracking System offers both reliability & speed for today’s dynamic environment. It equips recruiters with end to end functionality right from requisition to offer through a single interface.

9 – Placement Analytics that enable effective decision making

The system provides for a range of analytics that help you review the plavcement process. These inlude metrics such as:

  • Students Placed Vs. Not Placed
  • Average Offer for each Program / Course
  • Highest / Lowest Offer for each program / course
  • Students accepted placement vs Not Accepted
  • Comparison of Offeres in different Programs / Courses
  • Average Offer for various Years in a program
  • Programs / Courses that got highest offers / Highest average offers

The above metrics enable efficient understanding of  the campus placement process for each offered program / course in.

10 – Communication Central

An effective communication module, it enables students to form various groups and communicate within themselves. Similarly, Groups such as those between the placement co-ordinator, student co-ordinator & visiting Company’s HR SPPOC can enable efficient communication. A Chat Module also enables communicating with any user in the system. While the RecruiTALK feature enables you to broadcast important communications and messages to all users.

TalentRecruitCampus makes the entire placement process efficient and more transparent for all stakeholders that include the college management, placement co-ordinators, student co-ordinators & visiting companies.