5 Common Myths associated with using ATS Systems

Technology has not only made work and life infinitely easier, it has also evolved to become infinitely more affordable. Earlier the use of technology was restricted to high end applications which required the use of sophisticated tools but now technology is being used to run everyday applications because of ease of use as well as […]

The Power of a Smart Recruitment Software

When it comes to powering your recruitment business, you need a software solution that goes beyond just staffing solutions to contribute to the staffing firm’s overall profitability. While Lead Management remains a critical function for any staffing firm, there is no taking away from the fact that being able to source candidates is just the […]

Leveraging the power of social media from a recruiting standpoint

The world of recruiting has come a long way from its days of newspaper ads or job boards alone to advertise vacant positions. Parallely there has also been a steady shift from evaluating candidates basis their skill sets alone to include factors such as the candidate’s cultural fit. Social media has risen to these new […]

Key Recruiting Trends in 2015

One of the biggest transformations in the recruiting landscape has been the leveling of the playing field, as big corporations compete with lavishly funded start-ups to attract quality talent. Recruiting is complex today as money is no longer a guarantor of being able to attract the best and brightest of talent nor is a good […]

How a comprehensive ATS System can change your business dynamics

How a comprehensive ATS System can change your business dynamics

Employing an ATS system isn’t just about automating the hiring process and in the bargain benefiting from reduced administrative workload as well as costs. A comprehensive ATS system has a number of far reaching impacts, a very prominent one being positively affecting your employer brand. Here’s a sneak peek into how your ATS System can […]

Technology – The new face of recruitment

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Rewind fifteen to eighteen years; we were in the era of accepting resumes via fax and mails. Publishing Job related advertisements in the newspapers, writing applications and manually calling candidates. Fast forward to 2014 and the game has dramatically changed for both in-house and consulting firm recruiters. Same applies for candidates. Once upon a time […]